Top 5 Products for Bloating

Top 5 Products for Bloating

Suffering from a tummy bloating problem?

While there are different causes for it, thankfully there are a number of ways to help relieve symptoms and debloat. Recently, more and more of us are looking for the best products for bloating, in a bid to try and reduce that uncomfortable swollen feeling. The good news? From probiotics to effective natural bloating remedies, there’s something to help with bloating here:

The Nue Co Debloat

With turmeric and licorice root extract, these simple, easy-to-take capsules are ideal for both immediate and long-term relief of bloating discomfort. Simply take one capsule with food.

60 caps, £40

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential Supercharged Formula

The best selling beauty blend now supercharged. Infused with vitamins and probiotics, it helps support sustained gut health and boosts skin and hair radiance in the process. With a delicious berry flavour, simply add to smoothies or any drink of choice.

150g, £40

Garden of Life Microbiome Formula Once Daily Womens

Probiotics are a must for any gut-related complaint and these capsules are some of the best on the market. Take once daily and experience results within weeks.

30 caps, £34.99

Bodyism Ultimate Clean

A plant-based probiotic formula that helps to flush out toxins and boost digestive function for that clean, fresh, feel-good feeling from the inside-out. Take before or after food.

300g, £45

KIKI Health Activated Charcoal Vegicaps

Activated charcoal is a digestive wonder worker and has been proven to soak up toxins and excess gas within the gut. This natural formula is made from coconut shells and is completely odourless for effective natural relief when taken with food.

50 caps, £12